3 Reasons I Prefer Writing on Medium Over My Blog

I’ve been writing on Medium for one month now, so according to the unwritten laws of the internet I am due for my obligatory “what it’s like to write on Medium” post.

I suppose a bit about me and what i’ve been writing about could be useful context. I have been quite obsessed with all things personal finance related for many years now. I attribute this to my educational background (economics and finance) and my personal background of some crippling financial anxiety in my younger years.

The idea of financial independence has rooted very strongly in my brain so I write about personal finance, because that’s what I am most passionate about.

At the end of April I decided to finally start blogging about personal finance. I started a self hosted blog, here and shortly after started writing on Medium as I have heard a lot of people talking about the platform and how much they like it. I was not really sure which route would be best for my blogging so I have been publishing most of my posts on both Medium and my self hosted blog.

I’m here to write about personal finance, not learn how to code a beautiful looking website

#1 Medium Looks Better Than My Self Hosted Blog

Screenshots of the same article published on Medium (left) and my self hosted blog (rIght)

Admittedly I have very little coding experience, so I am well aware that my self hosted blog could look a lot better than it does, if I knew what I was doing. Which is EXACTLY why I love medium. I’m here to write about personal finance, not learn how to code a beautiful looking website. One of the best things about Medium for me is it looks clean and crisp with absolutely zero coding.

A perfect example of how simple Medium makes life for me is the 2 screenshots above. If I tried to put 2 screenshots side by side on my personally hosted blog, It would look like crap! I know because I’ve tried it before. With Medium, if I want side by side pictures I just upload them both at the same time. And then I am back to writing and not googling “how to format images on my blog”.

#2 Medium Is Less Toxic

The second best thing I like about Medium, are the people on Medium! My experience so far with Medium has been that the people engaging with my stories and extremely honest, and usually come with some helpful constructive feedback.

As an example, Look at this private note I got on a recent story I did about real estate investing.

What a guy Faisal is. He reads my story (gave it a clap) and in a private note (not public so to point out to others how smart he is by finding this mistake) points out a paragraph that could use some polishing and tells me he looks forward to my revised draft.

Here’s how I imagine a similar exchange would have gone down on other so called “social” networks.

Commenter: “Hey Idiot, do you know how to finish a FU****G sentence!?”

Me: “oops I made a mistake”

Commenter: “F**K YOU!”


#3 Mediums Partner Program

For me, blogging is both a passion project and a side hustle. I am not looking to make a fortune blogging, but it is very time consuming and if I am being honest it would be very nice to be able to bring in some extra money each month (this is afterall, a blog about personal finance).

On my self hosted blog, monetizing my blog means having a bunch of really annoying ads that everybody hates, including the owners of the blog. Remember point #1? Part of the reason my Medium posts look better than my other blog posts is there is no clunky looking ads that are being shoved down your throat. There is no pop up asking you to sign up for an email list.

With the Medium partner program, I can monetize my writing by having people read and engage with my writing, which is the whole point really! This form of monetization allows me to forget email funnels and ad placements and focus on writing (you notice a theme here?).

Sure, it stinks that non-paying members can’t read all my work. And I have a lot to learn about the partner program, mostly about what % of my work I should make for members only. But to have a “monetization model” there has to be money involved. In this case, instead of crappy ads that everyone hates, its a subscription fee. A subscription fee to the Medium platform though, not just a subscription fee for my work. So, I’ll let Medium worry about recruiting new subscribers and I’ll focus on Writing the best content I can (there is definitely a theme here).

I do have one small gripe with Medium. I use the “Grammarly” tool to edit my writing. Medium does not currently support grammarly. Medium staff if you are reading this, that would be a helpful feature!

For now, I’m still slightly hedging my bets (this is a personal finance blog afterall) by keeping my self hosted blog, but I am more and more excited about the potential of Medium.

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