5 YouTube Channels to Whip You into Shape

To Check Out Fitness Blender’s Channel Click here

Fitness Blender

To have a list of YouTube workouts, trainers or channels and not include Fitness Blender should be a criminal offence. They are the undisputed champions of YouTube workouts, with over 5.1 million subscribers. Fitness Blender has published over 1,000 videos and counting, they are your one stop shop for at home fitness. They truly have something for everyone including:

· Workouts for all fitness levels from beginner to elite athlete.

· Workouts using all kinds of equipment including body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, stationary bikes and even using household items like chairs.

· Every different “type” of workout you can imagine including strength training, cardio, flexibility, Pilates, HIIT workouts and everything in between.

· In a hurry? They have workouts under 10 minutes. Wanting a “full length” workout, no problem, they have workouts that push the 90-minute mark.

Check out their channel and have fun browsing through all the options.

Check Out Adrien’s Channel Here

Yoga With Adriene

If Fitness Blender is the ruler of general internet fitness, Adriene is undoubtedly the queen of YouTube Yoga, which has sprung up into a hugely popular niche on YouTube.

In my opinion, Yoga is the type of workout that best translates onto YouTube. A lot of other workout types either require equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars and/or the right space in your home that you have the room to move and jump around and don’t mind covering in sweat. Yoga, on the other hand only requires a mat and you don’t need a huge amount of space to do it. But above all else, Yoga is my favorite workout to do at home because of how deeply personal it is by nature.

I’ll admit that I have never once been to a “proper Yoga class”. I’ve done well over a thousand hours of Yoga, and it’s all been from following YouTube videos. I started doing YouTube yoga videos because I was too self consensus. I had a vision of being the only man in the Yoga class and completely screwing up ever pose and embarrassing myself. I keep doing YouTube yoga videos because they are effective! Adriene’s Yoga videos are of unbelievable quality when you consider they are completely free and what it costs to attend yoga classes in person.

Check out, Adriene’s amazing videos here.

Check Out the Body Coach’s Channel here

The Body Coach

Much like Fitness Blender, the Body Coach has workouts for all different fitness levels using all manner of equipment. Personally, I really enjoy his bodyweight HIIT workouts, but there is something here for almost everyone. If there is one thing I like more about the Body Coach then Fitness Blender is that while Fitness Blender is consistent with using a white backdrop for all their workouts, the Body Coach shoots “on location” all over the world. This makes for some really amazing visuals; Who wouldn’t want to do a HIIT workout on a tropical beach?

Check out, the Body Coach’s videos here.

Check out Blogialtes Channel here


Much like yoga, my first introduction to Pilates was through YouTube, specifically Blogilates. I’ll admit before trying Pilates I thought it would be “easy” and not much of a workout. I was super wrong about that! Pilates can be a brutal workout, inducing large amounts of sweat without really moving off one spot on the mat. I haven’t been doing as many full-length Pilates workouts recently, but I consistently use Blogilates[BL1] videos as finishers to my primary workouts. Kathy has a ton of good cooldown and stretching videos and some amazing 5-minute abs workouts that are a perfect way to cap off almost any workout.

Check out Blogilates Channel here

Check out Funk Robert’s Channel Here

Funk Roberts

Last, but certainly not least we have Funk Roberts. While Funk may not have quite the same size following as some of the other names on this list, he is my top pick for the “advanced level fitness” YouTube user out there. When I say advanced level fitness I mean you are in tip top athletic shape. These workouts are not for everyone and frankly might be a bit overkill if you have more modest fitness goals. If you are training for the next obstacle course race or just want to get in the best shape of your life; Funk has you covered.

My personal favorites are his “metabolic workouts” which are a level about HIIT in terms of intensity. Picture doing Burpees for 1 minute straight, resting 15 seconds and then moving into kettlebell squats for 1 minute straight and continuing like that for 10 minutes without rest. That is what it’s like to do 1 round of a Funk Robert’s metabolic workout!

Check out Funk Robert’s Channel Here

What Do you think of this list? Did I miss your favorite YouTube Fitness Channel or trainer? Let me know in the comments.

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