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True wealth comes from freedom of time; here’s how to get more of it

Warrenn Buffett
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“By far the best investment you can make is in yourself.”

- Warren Buffett

When you think of wealthy people like Waren Buffett, you think of their financial wealth; stocks, real estate, swimming pools filled with gold that they dive into Scrooge McDuck style.

What very few people think about…

Here’s how to ensure you have the next winners in your portfolio

Picking stock market winners.
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If you want to make money investing in the stock market, you need to be invested in the handful of stocks that will drive nearly all future returns in the stock market.

That might sound like an endorsement of stock picking or investing in actively managed mutual funds. It’s quite…

On a day like today, I think it’s important to reshare this article I wrote during the COVID stock market crash of 2020. The exact same points apply today.

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If You Bought a House During the Pandemic, you might be in trouble

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If you bought your first home or a bigger home in the past 18-months, your finances could be in a precarious situation right now.

You’ve taken on more debt, have more downside risk than you might realize, and worst-of-all your pandemic era budget might be setting you up for a…

In a complex economic climate, be skeptical of people pushing hyperbolic narratives

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It’s time to break up with mainstream financial media.

Honestly, it’s time to break up with any media company that wants to profit from your anxiety.

Case in point, this past week, MarketWatch was forced to delete a Tweet claiming that the “average” American was paying more than $5 per…

Here’s what MOAM readers can expect in 2022

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First, let’s start with what is NOT changing.

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