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I published 4 new articles this week through my publication Making of a Millionaire

  1. How to Use Money to Live a Happy life
  2. What Should I Do With My Inheritance?
  3. Is the Stock Market Efficient?


I also write on Wealthtender, a new personal platform for money nerds like myself. If you haven’t already check out these articles I wrote on Wealthtender, and if you like them, consider leaving a 5-star review and a comment.

  1. Lifestyle inflation is keeping you broke


Some of you may not know that I have a YouTube channel. I plan on being a lot more active and posting more videos, so go ahead and subscribe here.

Online course

I am knee-deep in creating an online personal finance course.

  • How much money you’ll need to save/invest each month to retire when you want to
  • How to build your emergency fund
  • A budget based around your goals and the things YOU VALUE most.

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Sharing personal finance lessons I’ve learned on my journey from debt to Financial Independence. Join the Financial Mentor Program:

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