Anyone who thinjs that simply cutting the small expenses will pull people out of a financial hole are kissing themselves.

However, my experience was that once I started taking care of the small things and really valued my money it became a habit. This eventually led to me focusing on the big variable in the money equation, my income.

Then as my income grew, I kept focusing on keeping my spending as low as it was when I was making very little money and before too long I started amassing some wealth.

So I’m torn on the whole coffee shaming debate. Yes I agree it’s not as big a deal as some of the gurus make it out to be. But on the other hand, focusing intensely on where your money goes is important, especially if your income is not where you’d like it to be.

Thanks for writing the article Rachel.

Economic policy wonk by day. Personal finance writer by night. I write about investing, debt, and all things related to money. Editor of Making of a Millionaire

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