Hi Christine Chen, thanks for comment and question.

Without knowing the specifics of the situation you describe (the income/debt/assets/age/financial goals etc.) of the people involved I could only really speak generally.

For many people saving for retirement does not feel like it’s on the table at all. I’ve seen lots of situations where people in tough spots can find ways to free up even a little money to go towards retirement.

I touch on that idea of “how to start” saving for retirement here.

This story touches on why even if they are able to invest even a few bucks a month for retirement that is a worth while start

If you want to share more of the details of the situation or chat more about it, I’m happy to do so.

Have a great Saturday.

Economic policy wonk by day. Personal finance writer by night. I write about investing, debt, and all things related to money. Editor of Making of a Millionaire

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