Hi Heather,

Once again I am delighted at the thoughtfulness of the comments my readers have. Thank you for sharing your experience and your sons experience with the Baby steps.

As I read your comment, I’m reminded of a dilemma I’ve been facing as someone who is constructing a personal finance course. The tug of war between “simplicity” and “efficiency”.

Dave’s program is very simple and that means a very large group of people can understand and follow it.

As I point out in the article I don’t think his advice is “efficient” or optimal. But one thing I will never deny Dave is his ability to get people to change their behaviour, which is the most important aspect of turning your finances around.

the simplicity-efficiency dilemma is one I will continue to think through as I believe the right balance is critical.

Thanks again for the lovely discussion.


Economic policy wonk by day. Personal finance writer by night. I write about investing, debt, and all things related to money. Editor of Making of a Millionaire

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