Hi Jim,

IMO, the frugal aspect comes down to spending money on things you value and stop spending money on things I don’t value. During the workweek I carry around my own coffee thermos and pack all my own meals made at home, but if I want to go out to dinner with my wife I do because we value that time.

Also, I try and find ways to buy the things I do value for less. For example, there are tremendous ways to “hack” credit card reward points to travel for cheap.

Basically, I want to save and invest as much as possible until I have
“FU” money. Where if I lost my job, or I decided I hated my job and wanted to quit, it wouldn’t have a devastating impact on my life.

I’m all about “Financial Independence” but not as hung up on the “Retire Early” aspect.

Sharing personal finance lessons I’ve learned on my journey from debt to Financial Independence. Join the Financial Mentor Program: https://bit.ly/35WV7Az

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