The Best Things I Wrote, Read & Listened To This Week

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Trying something new, each Sunday, I’ll share the best thing I wrote, read, and listened to over the past 7 days.

Since I am a finance writer, these roundup posts will mostly focus on financial content, but I do love sports and movies, so sometimes I’ll throw in non-financial links too.

This is an experiment so let me know if you enjoy this, and I’ll keep doing it.

4 Misunderstood Concepts In Personal Finance

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I published this Friday in the Making of a Millionaire Substack

As a personal finance writer, I spend a lot of time online reading financial content. Some of it is amazing, some of it is “good,” and some of it is “pseudo-profound Bullshit.”

In this article, I highlighted what I think are four of the misunderstood personal finance concepts talked about online.

Read The Article Here

Is Twitter becoming a blogging platform?

This news caught me completely by surprise.

Twitter is slowly releasing “Twitter Notes,” which will allow creators to write long-form written articles directly on the platform.

I am both excited by this and find it a bit daunting.

On the one hand, Twitter has a massive reach, and as a writer, I can’t simply ignore this type of development.

On the other, I already write on two platforms and am working on a book. Do I have the time and mental bandwidth to start writing on another platform?

I probably shouldn’t, but I probably will.

A plan to bring down oil prices

Inflation has dominated financial headlines throughout the past year.

The most painful part of inflation has been the high cost of oil and gas. We all feel the pain at the pump.

So, when smart people offer up possible solutions to painful problems, we should listen.

With that in mind, I very much enjoyed this episode of the “Odd Lots” Podcast.

A preview of what I’ll be writing about this week

Monday: The #1 Reason People don’t invest their Money (Substack)

Tuesday: Rich Dad Wants You to Invest in Cans Of tuna (Medium)

Wednesday: Investing When Stocks Look “Expensive” (Substack)

Thursday: Step aside, Millennials — it’s Time to Bash Gen Zs Money Habits (Medium)

Friday: Detecting Bull$hit Is A Financial Superpower (Substack)



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