This Kettlebell-Bodyweight Hybrid Workout Kicked My Ass

As I’ve said in the past, F. His Workouts never fail to kick my ass, and this one is no exception. This workout (full video above) is broken into 5 completely unique rounds that will keep your body guessing (the answer is always pain). Each round consists of different exercises that work different muscle groups and have unique tempos. Some rounds are HIIT style, some are a ladder and some are “As Many Round As Possible” in a given time period.

This workout is not for everyone, so checkout this review first where I walk you through my experience and if you want to give it a go I’ve included the link to the full workout.

Round 1

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Round 1 which Funk refers to as the warm-up round (I always do a much more through warm up separate from this) is the easiest and most straight forward part of the workout.

3 sets of 50 kettlebell swings.

Round 2- 35–15 HIIT

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If you did not think Round 1 was easy, turn back now as the workout gets progressively more intense from here.

For round 2 you are going to need a kettlebell and a resistance band. This is a HIIT style sequence where you are working for 35 seconds, resting only for 10 seconds for 3 rounds of:

Double Kettlebell Squat to Overhead Press

Resistance Band Pull-Apart

Round 3- 5 Minutes AMRAP

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If you are not feeling it after the HIIT sequence then you can go a bit harder and try and squeeze as many reps as possible into round 3. In this round you set a 5 minute timer and complete as many rounds as possible of the following.

Racked Front Lunge x 8 reps
Inverted Bodyweight Row x 8 reps

Round 4- HIIT Again

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Round 4 is back to another HIIT sequence, once again its 35 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for 3 rounds of:

Kettlebell Floor Press
Triceps Bombers

Round 5- Climbing Down the Ladder

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Round 5 caps off the workout with a “ladder” sequence. For each exercise listed below you do 10 reps of each, then 9 reps of each, then 8 reps of each…. all the way down until you finally finish with 1 rep of each exercise.

Exercises in this round:

Jumping Lunge
Plyo Clapping Push Ups

As I said this workout is incredibly challenging but I love the creativeness of the workout, throwing in different equipment and different training tempos to keep you engaged. This is definitely not a beginners workout but if you are in tip top shape and looking for a good challenge, look no further.

This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only by non-physicians and should not be considered health advice. This content should not substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a health professional before engaging in any physical activity. All physical activity has the chance of injury. Do not disregard any professional medical advice you have received, nor delay in seeking such advice because of something you have read in this article.

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